All the creative people like writters, painters/drawers, musicens, and all other types of artists know that when you get on a roll you don’t want to stop, But if someone wants you to do something that takes you away from your project for awhile than it might snap you out of it. I found out a way four me to get back into it and it’s by (you may think I’m crazy) pretending I’m a ninja with my brothers saving the world. Once I get into it (so far I disine a vary expensive car and pretend it’s mine) I can (if I want to) snap out of that and into what ever I want to do like if I was writting a song and I had to take a shower after I was done I would play ninja for a while then go back to my song with a fresh head. If you have a problem like that than you just need to find what snaps you back into it.


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