Gingers Adventures

The mission to save the king cookie

By Briella

Chapter One

The first thing Ginger heard when she woke up was screaming. She quickly got out of bed and got dressed, ran down the stairs to the first floor of her three story house and shot out the door. As she looked around she saw what the problem was, the elder cookies were being thrown into the trash! Ginger was the one that the CTP (Cookie Towns People) looked to when they needed help. All the cookies are afraid of the masters, but only Ginger was brave enough to approach them and the only one who learned their language. She talked to them to get them to not eat them or throw away the cookies. Every now and then they lose a great cookie. Ginger went and talked to them and they agreed to let them go. As Ginger walked down the mountain that the MTUAIT (Master That Ushered An Immediate Threat) was on with the cookies, the CTP cheered. The cookie reporters asked what happened and Ginger told them that the master thought that they were too old. But just as she said that, one of the elders said “Then she asked them if when they become old do they throw themselves out and when it didn’t reply she said I didn’t think so! Now put them down!” “And it did just as she said!” The people cheered, and Ginger blushed. Ginger looked around and caught the eye of the cookie kings adviser who nodded at her. This she knew was very bad when he did that it meant meet me at “the spot”. “The spot” was where just the two of them go when they need to talk. Usually it had to do with something that he needed her to fix or take care of. After she wrote in the book that said she took care of another thing that needed taking care of, she went to the tree house at the very edge of town that no one but her, the king’s adviser (Garret), and the king (Oswald). As soon as Garret saw her he yelled across to her “hurry up!” She sprinted as fast as she could (which was very fast). As she climbed the rope ladder Garret called “Were you followed?” “No, what’s this about?” She replied “The king is missing! I think the fiasco this morning was just a distraction so you and I wouldn’t notice a master stealing the king.” He said “Where was the place you last saw him?” “I left him in his bed when I went to see what was happening this morning. Don’t tell anyone. I don’t want to send anyone into panic.” “Yah, I understand. let’s go check the palace.” “Ok, thank you.” When they got to the palace they found a giant foot print in the grass at the back of the palace. “Yup, it’s definitely from a master.” Ginger said “This one’s missing a toe! See only seven on this foot.” Garret exclaimed “I remember talking to this one before! He was grumpy and was taking it out on the children in the town.” Ginger said “I even know where he lives! And I shall go there tomorrow.” “I think you’ve made an imprint on the masters, and that if you come across one that you’ve already beaten you shouldn’t have a problem. They’ll be totally scared.” Garret said “Or want revenge.” Ginger said under her breath. “Anyway I’ll let you get ready. Meet me at the tree house at four o’clock am?” Garret suggested “I’ll be there. It’s getting late see you tomorrow.” “Bye.” The next morning Ginger was up and ready at four o’clock. She met Garret at the tree house he told her to be careful and she was off to the mutton forest.

Chapter Two

 (Rustle, Rustle) “Who’s there?!” asked Ginger “O! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m Trixie.” Said Trixie the boar “That’s ok you have just as much of a right to be hear as me. I’m Ginger.” Replied Ginger “Anyway, what are you doing here?” asked Trixie “I’m looking for something.” She replied “How long have you been looking?” “Maybe four hours. Why?” “O my! You need to rest. Follow me. Come on, trust me.” “Ok. I’ll come. But where are we going?” “You’ll see when we get there.” As they were walking through the woods and Ginger started to wonder whether it was a good idea to follow Trixie. “Were here!” “Wow! What is this place?” She asked as they stepped into a town hidden behind some trees and brush. Ginger had to crawl under it to get to the other side. “This is the Mutton village.” Trixie said “It’s were I and these boars live.” “Cool!” “This way please.” Trixie said as she led Ginger into a giant hollow tree “And this is the king’s castle.” Trixie explained “He’ll want to meet you.” “Where is he?” Ginger asked “King Nixon is over there.” Trixie replied “No. No. No. Put my statue over there. Yes there you go. That’s better. Now…” “Aaah, Trixie. Who is this?” Asked Nixon “This, your Highness, is Ginger I found her wondering in the woods.” “Welcome! What were you doing in the woods?” “Well, you’re Highness…” “No, just call me Nixon.” Ginger hesitated than continued “Nixon… I’m looking for Oswald he’s my friend. Have you seen him?” “I’m afraid not Ginger. But…” “Your Highness your prisoner Mr. Oswald has awoken.” “You just told me that you didn’t see him yet you’re holding him hostage!” Ginger exclaimed “And now he’ll have some company.” Trixie said “Actually” he said summoning some nearby guards that took hold of her “We’re going to spoil our dinner.” “I want the head.” Said Trixie “No, I want the head.” said one of the guards that were holding her hostage. “Begin.” Said the king. Trixie and the guard started to fight, then the king joined in and everyone went to watch. They left Ginger by herself giving her time to escape, but she couldn’t just leave the king there. She snuck away in the direction that the guard that said the king was awake came from. If there was a direction to start it may as well be that way. She wondered down a hallway trying not to be seen by anyone. She wondered through a door and down a flight of stairs to the dungeon of the castle. She had to be fast because she had no idea how long it would be before someone found out she was missing and came after her. At the bottom of the stairs there was a long hall way with jail cells lining the wall. Most of them were empty, but in one of them she found a worn out king lying on the bed. “Your majesty! I’m here to get you out. Do you know where the keys are?” “Ginger! Yes they’re hanging on a hook in the guard room next door.” “Ok. I’ll be right back.” “Be careful.” Ginger walked quietly into the guards’ room. It was a small room with stone walls and floor and a wooden table and two matching chairs. One of witch a guard was seated on, and to her luck the guard was sleeping. She walked to the hook and took the keys off; they slipped out of her hand and clattered to the floor. The guard, with a sudden jerk woke up and jumped out of the chair. “Who are you and what are you doing in my room?” “I am Ginger. The master tamer and I demand that you let the king go.” “O no! I’m sooooo scared. Ha-ha. Like I believe that.” “Mushka nushka fulaflu?”(Is this enough prof?) “What! Ok! I’m sorry. I’ll let you in.” “No. You stay here, give me the keys and I’ll get him out. If you move you’ll be sorry.” “Ok. Here are the keys.” Ginger took them and let the king out. She went to the guard and told him to count to one hundred then blow a hole in the jail cell that the king was in and leave the door to the cell open. Tie himself up and wait for the other guards and the king to come down and tell them that I tied you up and blew a hole in the wall that we went through. “You will only have a few minutes before they hear the explosion and come down.” “Why are you even helping me?” “Because I know that you’ve been mistreated and that you did something to make Nixon disappointed so now you want to make it up to him but if you get caught helping the enemy you might die.” “Thank you for helping me. It was such an honor to meet you. I’ve heard stories and now I have met the legend.” “Wait. You guys all know about and fear me?” “Everyone in the mutton forest does but they don’t know what you look like that’s why I didn’t believe you.” “Thank you. Tie  him up please your highness so he doesn’t have to do it himself. Thank you.” “I’m going to blow the wall open in Three… Two… One…”


“Come on let’s get out of here” “Yeah, I don’t won’t them to put me back in there. It was bad” “Thank you for letting me meet you Ginger.” Said the guard “Thank you for being cooperative. Bye.” Ginger shot back the reply as they ran out of the building “Witch way do we go?” Asked the king “This way she replied.” Pointing towards the way she came in. As they ran to the exit they heard voices behind them and they ran faster. “How will we lose them?” Asked the king “They are afraid of the master tamer so we’re going to the masters’ house and I will show them that I am the master tamer, and if they turn out not.” The master is the king of the masters and Ginger has tamed him before so now he is going to help them.

Chapter Three

“Where are they? Find them and bring to me now, and I want them alive! Do I make myself clear?!”Shouted the king “yes sir!” replied his army of two thousand hogs in unison “Off to the woods then.” Said the General of the Army taking over in the kings place “Aaaaaaah.” Was the shouted reply. As they ran after the enemy.

Further out in the forest…

“How much further?” Asked the king “We just need to climb up that mountain.” Replied Ginger “Really? We’ve walked so long I can’t feel my legs.” Complained the king “Than hop on my back and I’ll carry you up.” “Ok. Thank you.” “Uh-Hu.” Said Ginger not really paying attention “Can I get on now?” “O yeah, here.” She said lifting him onto her back. “So what’s the plan?” Asked the king “You hide in the rocks and I will go talk to the master.” “That’s it? Seams simple enough.” “Let’s hurry up.”

A few minutes later…

“Ok, you hide in this cave quietly and I’ll be right back.” She said as she disappeared. The higher up the mountain she went the more she could hear the master being picky “Quable raner zapl! Gerrnu sdfer hjyde! Xsfko ydhj! Flokanneni”(You call this a vetish dinner! It’s not even good enough for the rat’s! Make me a new one!  Now!) “Ghej bdnf. (Hello old friend )” Ginger stepped in. “Hgdbhb hvb. (Welcome, do not embarrass me this time.)” “Hdvjhgv ghvr (Is that a command?)” “Vcy, vcy, hznasm” (No, no it was a request) “Dgfzglon fjehs. (Ok, I wasn’t sure.)” “Kmnf ghjhwb siuh fhbgfh.(Well what can I do for you.)” “akjbt wghnef. (Just do as I say)” “dfrny uks.(Whatever you ask.)” “Ndhwnb hgbhfq htb yudig. (Pick me up and hold me in your hand)” Ginger said “wnbfh cjhfbg vjfe. (Walk down the mountain)” “What is that? It’s like an earthquake.” Said the general “Sir, I don’t think that’s an earthquake.” A soldier exclaimed pointing at the master that’s carrying Ginger down the mountain “Look!” “Hold your ground. Cease fire.” Commanded the general “shjeb? Jahd. (What now? Master)” “ajhsdv. (Sit down.)” Ginger commanded “What’s going on?” The general asked looking around for Trixie “What did the master say?” “I think whatever it is holding gave it a command and the master did what it was told.” Trixie replied “Well, what is it holding?” “I don’t know. It might be the master tamer.” “Nsnhj. (Put me down.)” Ginger said “The master was told to put whatever he’s holding down. And he listened. Whatever we are dealing with the master fears and I think we should too.” “Nonsense. I’m not giving up that easy. Come hear whatever you are and face me.” Nixon shouted “No, you do as I say or my giant friend is going to eat you all for dinner and your village for dessert.” Ginger’s voice rang out. “Ok. what do you want me to do?.” He asked in fear of his life “No one moves. Understand?” “Yes.” Was the reply from all two thousand and three people. “Mam. You shall call me mam. Mam I clear?” “Yes mam.” “Good. Now. Shdng ghyjm jdbf founjm. (Put me down right in front of them.) Ekmmf. (Thank you.)” Ginger said. There were gasps from Nixon and from Trixie when they saw her face. “You’re the master tamer?!” Exclaimed Trixie “Yes. I am the master tamer.” “I am so sorry that we threatened to eat you, and that we captured your king.” Nixon said trembling “You just looked and smelled so good.” “And we captured your king because we were told to by Nixon.” Trixie added “I didn’t know he is your king. And I was going to hold him for ransom.” Nixon wailed “I’m so sorry.
Please do have it eat us.” “What? The master he needs to eat. Right? Gffdxgg? (Are you hungry?)” “Oddbhbc. Ybgrjhl. (Indeed I am. master)” “What did he say?” Nixon asked Trixie “I’m looking.” She replied as she looked through her translation book. “Let me have that.” Ginger said to Trixie “But it’s the only one ever.” “Give it to me. Now.” “hear.” “Thank you. Zdsvj, hjjgffd(Hear, throw this away.)” she said tossing the book to the master who than trashed it. “If you ever come across a cookie person you must not eat them you must bring them into your village  or house and make them feel welcome. Understand? Tell all of your hog friends. If I find even one of the rules were broken than you will end up inside a masters belly.” “You won’t have a problem with us ever again. I promise.” “Ok. If you ever have a problem Just come, and get me and I’ll take care of it.” Ginger promised “Your highness you can come out now.” “O, thank you.” The king said coming out of his hiding spot “Yup. Hgtcx gdhyh tgdwqbh hgf ikihy (Pick me and him up and take us to cookie town.)”Ginger commanded “Gdt hhgdd. (Yes, master.)” He replied as he picked them up. “Bye.” Called all two thousand and three people. “Bye.” Ginger and the king shouted back.

Three minutes later…

“Jhfntq negfh. (Put us down hear.)” Ginger said “Jndjv kywhh (It was nice to see you again.)” said the master “Brhv fjbnf fnjuv. (Thank you for all your help.)” “Uhdbf. (Bye.)” The master called over his shoulder. “We have to figure out something to tell the towns people about what happened and why we were not here.” Ginger said “Let’s just tell them the truth.” The king replied. “What that you were king napped.” “And that you came and saved me by blowing a hole in the wall in the jail and by having the master king pick you and me up and do everything that you told it to do.” “We also have to tell them not to be afraid of the wild boars or anything in the mutton forest.” Ginger had just finished her sentence when they heard someone say… “Look! They’re back!” That’s when everyone came running out of their houses and started to cheer. “Welcome home!” “Hay guys! Glad your back!” “We missed you.” And once everyone quieted down the king said “Everyone I have an announcement. Ginger will be telling the story of how she saved my life.” “It all started yesterday after I saved the elders lives…”

The end!


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